Thursday, August 4, 2011

College Grad

 What a day. Its weird because I am pretty sure graduating high school felt more exciting than college, but as a couple of days have gone by its starting to hit me. I just wanted to tell everyone that supported me on this day thank you for taking the time to come celebrate this accomplishment. Whether you were there in person or in spirit! I can't wait to begin a new chapter in my life. Time to get a job and enter the real more school! Here is some pics from the day, enjoy!

Me and Rachel

My other parents

Natalie even came with her broken, swollen nose

Devin, Julie and Will


Pip and Skip

The Taft Family

My parents and little Will

Dallin and I
Matt and I


  1. Guurrl we be grown ups now. Congrats!

  2. Love it! So glad to be there on your special day. Proud of you!! :)