Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Half Marathon Jitters

Well two more days till the big run. Its one of those things that you dread and are excited about. Today I came to my parents to hang out with Natalie after her 2nd nose surgery (poor thing). She showed me this Wheaties box that had a guy (Chris McCormack) who was a champion of two Ironmans, two years in a row. If any of you are unfamiliar with what an Ironman includes here it is; 2.5 mile swim, 24.2 mile run, 112 mile bike ride. I don't know about you but running a marathon alone would be an amazing accomplishment for me, and this guy is not only doing all three of these events, but beating everyone else. His time was 8 hours and 10 minutes. Kidding me! That is not natural. Anyway after reading that my half marathon doesn't seem that bad, I feel a lot more confident now.

I am so grateful that I am not doing this run alone! Luckily I will have my two sister-in-laws sweating their brains out with me. The race is called Top of Utah Marathon. From what I hear it is a pretty popular race. We had to register months ago to get a spot cause it sells out every time. Super. Now I don't just have to worry about running it, I get to worry about being trampled over.
Claustrophobic anyone? Regardless I will be there ready to go, so if you read this before Saturday say a prayer for me, and if you read it after that still say a prayer because I will be in recovery for a while.

I will be posting pics of the race day soon enough!

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  1. Oh good grief-I just got super duper butterflies. HUGE ONES!! I guess I hadn't really (really?) thought about all of the other people who will be running with us. Hopefully it spreads out a little bit. And hopefully I"m not the very last of the pack!! I am NERVOUS too, but excited to get it done. Here's to the training and finishing!! :)