Thursday, September 22, 2011

All things White

Today is one of those days I realize how blessed I fact I have had an entire week of being grateful. I enjoy my life, and I feel really lucky to be where I am at right now. Yes there are things I am hoping for, but I am still content with everything going on. Life is bliss you have to enjoy things in the moment. That being said I am going to head to the DI today and look for some antique mirrors or frames to spray paint white.. wish me luck! Also in my random Google search for white antique frames I stumbled upon some other things that caught my eye. Some day when I have a house of my own....

White picket fence

These beauties are only $13...I need me some good running sunglasses

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Simple Things.....

A list of my favorites right now...

  1.  Cutting Coupons even when I don't use them
  2. Running as far or as short as I want (no more training for a while)
  3. teaching dance...starts this week
  4. little kids and how little they worry about what other people think
  5. Our new shower head...had a "nature shower" for 7 + months
  6. taking hot hot baths
  7. new projects
  8. matt and I's ambition to make these fancy meals and then just making a pb & h instead ha
  9. Mattie..look how cute he is!
  10. The smell outside
  11. Fall weather so excited
  12. football season..Go Skins!
  13. family
  14. hearing good news
  15. movie nights
  16. a good book
  17. my afro hair...on a good day
  18. my indoor soccer team
  19. lazy Sundays
  20. road trips
  21. gas station treats and getting a Mt. Dew
  22. learning new things
  23. my sister getting asked to the dance :)
  24. Whitney coming home
  25. life is good!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Up House

Just this past weekend I was made aware of this by my good buddies the Nygrens. If you have seen the movie Up I just want you all to know that this house does exist. Inside Tour They even matched everything inside exactly to the movie...its incredible, and it is located in Herriman, UT. Coolest thing ever, everything from the couches to the paintings on the walls are custom made to replicate the movie. Talk about creative right? I hope you all enjoy this useless information!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Foam Run

 What a fun weekend! A couple weeks ago we met up with some of our friends (Lane & Jade Nygren Blog )for a little dessert and decided they need to come up to Idaho and hang out for a weekend. Luckily we were able to find a race that looked pretty fun. I gladly declined to participate and took on the job as the photographer. They had a lot of fun at the race, and I was so grateful Matt's parents and Grandma Landon came and watched with me. Here are some photos from the race.
Right after the mud pit, posing mid race for a pic

Matt and Lane ended up on the news for this "mini race" they had in the mud

Stan, Matt and Deb

Lane coming out of the foam slide

Grandma Landon and Mattie
 We ended up relaxing for a couple hours after the race, watch the BYU game and took a nap. We had a craving for Red Robin, cookie dough and some mini golf. Then ended the night with a movie. We teamed up during mini golf and placed a little wager for the "big couch" to watch the movie on. Surprisingly we tied, and Lane and Jade gave us the couch anyways.
The group with Debbie taking the picture

They had a tub you could get in and take pictures..Lane is attempting to wash Jade's hair.

Matt coming through the foam

Jade on the foam slide
All in all it was a successful weekend filled with jokes, smelly carpet, laughing over nothing, yummy food and movies! Thanks for the great weekend Nygrens!