Monday, September 12, 2011

The Simple Things.....

A list of my favorites right now...

  1.  Cutting Coupons even when I don't use them
  2. Running as far or as short as I want (no more training for a while)
  3. teaching dance...starts this week
  4. little kids and how little they worry about what other people think
  5. Our new shower head...had a "nature shower" for 7 + months
  6. taking hot hot baths
  7. new projects
  8. matt and I's ambition to make these fancy meals and then just making a pb & h instead ha
  9. Mattie..look how cute he is!
  10. The smell outside
  11. Fall weather so excited
  12. football season..Go Skins!
  13. family
  14. hearing good news
  15. movie nights
  16. a good book
  17. my afro hair...on a good day
  18. my indoor soccer team
  19. lazy Sundays
  20. road trips
  21. gas station treats and getting a Mt. Dew
  22. learning new things
  23. my sister getting asked to the dance :)
  24. Whitney coming home
  25. life is good!


  1. Love all these things on your list, lets play soon!

  2. I love your list!! :) So fun. ANd I agree-it's the simple things that make me the happiest too!!
    LOVE the stache pic. It's one of my faves. Especially your creepy flesh colored one...ha!